Implant Motor

Implant Motor

Dental implant machine systems are one of the important electrical devices in the dental implant process. Dental implant motors are dental treatment devices used for the drilling of bone and the placement of dental implants.

Is a Dental Implant Machine System Worth It?
There is no doubt that implant motors are indispensable. Choose a dental implant motor that has been precision engineered to meet your needs and provide stability, control, and comfort.


Is It Time to Get a New Surgical Implant Machine?
Expensive dental implants are not always the best decision. If you're looking for a new dental implant motor, many models offer excellent performance and comfort, and they may not be an ideal choice.


How to Choose a Surgical Implant Machine?
The way a dental implant motor is designed and manufactured, as well as the materials used, determine its durability. Choose a dental implant motor that can withstand wear, stress, and damage.

CICADA researches and produces high-quality implant motor dental motors with a newly designed foot pedal that meets the IPX2 international standard supports a large display for quick recognition of the selected operation procedure, has a variety of procedure memory functions, and has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, and high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.