Electric Motor

Electric Motor

There have been significant advances in endodontic instrumentation that can make root canal treatment easier to perform. Dental micro electric motors are part of this advancement.

All dental handpieces require an electric micro motor to power the drilling of semi-hard tissue in the mouth. The electric micro motor is connected to the dental device's hose through a variable connection system and is used in dentistry to treat semi-hard dental tissue.

CICADA researches and produces stylish, durable, and high-quality dental micro electric motors with charging indicator designs. Equipped with a digital screen design, they are easy to set up and operate. The electric micro motor works efficiently and with low noise, giving a certain level of comfort to the dental care technician and the patient.

Types of CICADA Dental Micro Electric Motor

As far as recent dental technology is concerned, dental micro electric motors may be of different types depending on the application. Choosing the right micromotor for your handpiece is critical. Some require contra-angle, linear or low speed. 

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