Endo Activator

Endo Activator

Model: CV-EA


·Polymer material

·Can be pre-bent

·High toughness






·Type-C charging

·More comfortable operation



·3D motion trigger

·Cavitation effect and acoustic flow effect


Product Parameters:

·Tip model:15#02taper 、25#04 、35#04

·Three-speed switch to select:high speed, medium speed or low speed.

·Hydrodynamic stirring of the solution in the tube for 30-60 seconds

·Use the suction action to move the root canal washing machine in a short time of 2-3 mm vertical.

·It can be sterilized by high temperature, it is recommended that it should not be higher than 130°C, no more than 5 minutes / can only be used for one patient (recommended)